For over twenty five years I have been on a journey to connect with the history of my family, to recreate the generations.  Up until this time, my efforts, while wide ranging have been limited to records available on the internet, family holdings, information obtainable from NARA and the New York City Archives, and   I have  been fortunate to be entrusted with family stories and photos.  Most of all, the letters I have shared with my family still living in Ukraine have encouraged the journey.  To date, the journey has not been a solitary one.  My dad and I have taken it together and have have shared many conversations about the people whose stories we are discovering.  Sharing this project with him has been a gift.

From 2007-2009, my dad and I and my Ukrainian cousin, Ella, planned for me to travel to Ukraine.   Without over sentimentalizing what I hoped to accomplish there, I felt that I would truly  walk in the footsteps of my ancestors.  Thanks to Ella, Myroslav, a guide who is fluent in English accompanied me for my first week in Ukraine.  My travels took me from New York to Kiev, on to Zhitomir (ancestral home of my Moldofsky/Farber family) then on to Husiatyn (where Silbermann and Buchbinder ancestors resided) then to Skalat and from there finally after so many years, to Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly Stanislawow.  In this latter city I hoped to discover much about our Kreisler & Gras ancestors’ lives.  Ella and I will  traveled to Kolomyya, Nadworne and Lwow.  All of these places I mention are the places my ancestors lived in, for who knows how long!  That was actually one of the things I hoped to discover.  I blogged a journal while traveling, and was lucky that on most days there was  internet access.